PART 5: The Socialist Future

Chapter 24: The Development of a Socialist Society (~30 pages)

We discuss how a socialist society can develop from a lower to a higher stage and the inherent dynamics of expansion implied by the economic foundations of a labour time accounting approach. We also discuss the importance productivity plays in maintaining the stability and viability of the system. A game theoretical approach is brought to the likely geo-politics of a successful socialist society/revolution, and any implications this may have for the defence of the society from outside attack. We discuss the necessary economic guidelines within which new layers of incentive and regulation can continually develop as needed to maintain the essential classless basis of the society.

Chapter 25: Workers of the World Unite! (~15 pages)

A re-iteration of essential insights of the book. We also look to the current state of capitalist society across the world, the contradictions contained therein. Using a cybernetic lens, we critique the existing approaches to revolutionary politics and how they act as a barrier to effective political action. We discuss how we believe this work and other related areas of research are a prerequisite for the emergence of a new revolutionary workers movement dedicated to the achievement of an egalitarian classless society. We finish with a call to arms.

Table of Contents

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